Monday, February 9, 2009

A New NSC?

If spending, per the previous post, is showing distinct signs of same ol' same ol', this article here, on reorganization of the National Security Council, shows that the Obama administration is thinking fresh thoughts about organizing the government.

If national security adviser James L. Jones means it when he says that he wants to concentrate power in the NSC, well, that's a change.

History tells us that the only way that things get done is through such centralization. That's why the notion of a "czar" is a good one, if the goal is profound change. It's just not possible to get anything done if there are a bunch of people in the room.

One can like or dislike Obama's health care policy, or his energy/environment policy, but from the point of view of supporters, it's a good idea. And the same with a centralized approach to national security policy making.

So count this as a change from business as usual.

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